• Smagu su Jumis dirbti. Dviračiai puikūs, visi labai patenkinti. Rekomenduosime Jus savo klientams!
    Donatas, "Eurobiuras", 2017 m.
  • Labai ačiū už dviračius, žygis labai geras, dviračiai buvo visiems patogūs!
    Ačiū, kad be jokių papildomų susiskambinimų ar susitikimų pasiėmėte dviratukus,
    Džiaugiuosi, kad pasirinkau Jus! <3
    Linkėjimai, Evelina,, 2019
  • Ačiū labai dar kartą už dviračių ekskursijos organizavimą ir pagalbą vakar iki kelto.
    Studentai laimingi, sakė "the best event ever" :)
    Inga, Lietuvos verslo kolegija, 2017 m.
  • Labas :)
    Viskas buvo puiku, labai džiaugėmės sklandžiu ir puikiu aptarnavimu. Dviračiai puikūs ir patogūs. Žygis pavyko. Visi laimingi, kai kurie su kojų skausmais, bet labai maloniais :) ačiū už bendradarbiavimą ir pagalbą :) iki kitų kartų :)
    Ingrida, "Sicor Biotech", 2019
  • Sveiki Sauliau,
    Dar kartą ačiū už inventorių. Viskas buvo piukiai! :)
    Lina, "", 2019
  • Hi Saulius, We had a great time on our trip, and would recommend you to anyone. If you ever figure out how to do a Helsinki - Tallinn via St Petersburg ride, we'd be in!"
    Richard Seton, USA, 2014 (self-guided tour of the Baltics: Tallinn to Vilnius)
  • Sveiki, Ačiū už superinį servisą,  be jūsų mūsų žygis tikrai nebūtų praėjęs taip sklandžiai.
    Pagarbiai, Marijus (Svencelės užsakymas, 2020)
  • Laba diena Sauliau,
    Taip, ačiū, visiems patiko...:), tik nežinojau kad ne visi baigę distanciją:)
    Kaip visada AČIŪ Jums ir už dviračius ir už orą!
    Daiva, "Akropolis", 2017 m.
  • Wishing to see a part of the world we knew little about, we 6 friends took a chance on BalticBike and were not disappointed. We had great support on our custom trip from Vilnius to Tallinn, including the support we had for an unexpected trip to the emergency room in Lithuania.  The contrast of the capital cities and the rural national parks was visually impressive.  We would not hesitate to recommend BalticBikes, professionally managed from start to finish.
    Marion Leff and co. - USA, 2018 (self-guided supported cycle tour from Vilnius to Tallinn, SG11)

Atsiliepimai apie "Baltic Bike Travel"

My wife and I loved the Baltic self-guided tour of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The route selected meant each day had a good piece of riding on quiet roads or bike paths through interesting countryside plus stops in all of the major cities and towns.  Our small group got on very well together.
Simon Flowers, Switzerland, 2015 (self-guided tour of the Baltics: Tallinn to Vilnius)

I was part of Ann Scolnick's tour from Tallin to Vilnius.  I was extremely pleased and satisfied with our tour. The organization, and hotels were excellent.  Our meals outside of the hotels were better than the ones provided in the hotels.  The best part of our tour was our guide Vaida!  She was exceptional, in fact better than any guide I have had during any of my extensive travels.  I will recommend your company to my friends, and hope they also will be lucky enough to have such a wonderful guide.
Ginny Hackney, USA, 2015 (G1 tour in opposite direction Tallinn-Vilnius)

Hi Saulius, We had a great time on our trip, and would recommend you to anyone. If you ever figure out how to do a Helsinki - Tallinn via St Petersburg ride, we'd be in!"
Richard Seton, USA, 2014 (self-guided tour of the Baltics: Tallinn to Vilnius)

“Dear Inga, Yes we had a good trip. Saw some nice nature and pleasant villages. The hotels were also good. And the bikes. The driver drove us fast and safe from / to Riga. And we were lucky with the weather. Just a few drops of rain the last day. Mostly sunny. It rained a lot more in Sweden during that week. Best regards,”
Hans Brandtberg, Sweden, 2013 (tour SG1, along the Lithuanian Seaside)

“Hi Saulius, It was a great day - enjoyed riding in the rain - preferable to the insect swarms on the ride back! Yes, flat just at start of return - a little unnerving since we had the ship to get to but fortunately did not get another one. Thanks for the great service. The goulish wood sculptures were just that - great photo props! Best to you - you live in a lovely country and have the most beautiful women in the Baltic!”
Larry Kassis, USA, 2013 (tour on the Curonian Spit)

“Tal como acordamos, te envío mis impresiones sobre el viaje que hemos hecho pedaleando por las repúblicas bálticas. En primer lugar sobre la organización “Baltic Bike Travel" decirte que el itinerario y el programa que estaba previsto se han cumplido con precisión. El itinerario que se ha realizado es un recorrido muy bien estructurado para hacerse una idea general de los tres países en los pocos días que hemos estado. La combinación de bicicleta y autobús ha funcionado perfectamente y las bicicletas no han dado ningún problema. Si a eso añadimos que el tiempo nos ha acompañado, pues sólo ha llovido un día, cosa rara en esas latitudes, podemos decir que el viaje ha sido estupendo. Buen tiempo, bellos paisajes, ciudades con historia y buena comida. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Muchas gracias por todo. Sobre todo por tu cordialidad y atención.”
Augusto Martinez, Spain, 2013 (tour SG7, the Baltics from Tallinn to Vilnius)

“Our cycling-group has spent 10 days in Lithuania and explored your country on Baltic Bike Travel route “Vilnius-Curonian Spit-Klaipeda" – we all want to thank you again for your efforts and great assistance in planning and organizing our individual intentions to realize our this years cycling idea. All services in your responsibility were efficient, precise and highly appreciated. We all came back well and safe into our home countries and will keep the pleasant experiences during our cycling-tour in Lithuania and your very good services in our memories. In the groups name and with our best wishes for you.”
Ludwig Enser, Germany, 2012 (tour SG2, Lithuania – from the capital to the Seaside)

"Now we are back from a most interesting and well-organized "Baltic Capital City" guided bicycle tour. We have cycled in France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic and Ireland in all kinds of landscapes ... so we have some guided cycle tours to compare with.

My husband and I are so very satisfied with the whole tour. It was just what we expected except for some extra positive factors.

Of all our cycling guides we have had, Marius takes the lead! Such a pleasant, knowledgeable and diplomatic person and with such a good sense of humour - never have the two of us had so much fun along the roads and at the tables! Our driver, Linas, was everywhere every time serving water, carrying luggage, honking the horn, waving from the bus. The bicycles were excellent except for some trouble they had to cope with the fine sand that caused the brakes to wear. You could not have planned a better tour for us, and it was with great sadness I said goodbye to my good workhorse, woman's No. 7.

Wish you all the best with your business ... and thank you for another three European countries in our cycling lives!”
Anita Bostrom-Baversten, Sweden, 2011 (tour G1)

“We are back in the Netherlands, and I can tell you that we enjoyed the trip very much. The hotels were good, some less that others, but over all it was fine. Sometimes we could not find the right way, but with the map and the description you gave us, sometimes asking, we came at time in the next town...

In the Netherlands, most people cycle. You can see that this is different in your country. But the distances in our country are short. There are just a few separate bike roads, so sometimes it is difficult and dangerous on the bike, as you told us already. In general the roads were not in the condition as we are used to so when you are planning to make a bike-trip in the Baltic States you should be aware of that item. In the south, along the Nemunas River it was much better...

We liked the countries, very silent and beautiful. In the towns we visited the museums and were impressed by reading the history and seeing the pictures of your troublesome past years and centuries.

Overall it was a nice experience that we enjoyed, with a very good organisation. Thanks you again, Best regards, pagarbiai, hatelijke groeten”
Annemieke en Toon van der Putten, the Netherlands, 2010 (tailored tour Lithuania+Latvia)

“Saulius, Thanks for all your help with our Vilnius to Tallinn trip. It was a wonderful trip and Laura was a particularly good leader. We though the trip was well-planned and executed and thoroughly enjoyed the others on this trip. Thanks again.”
Marie and Jim Allen, USA, 2009 (tour G1)

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