Велопрокат в Прибалтике


  • We have arrived home after the Baltic Bike trip with Ramos from Vilnius to Talinn. It was fantastic, absolutely wonderful. We've done bike trips in Europe and the US with other groups and this trip was the very best. Of course we loved the country side and the weather was an unexpected bonus.
    But the real advantage of this ride was Ramos. He is a leader with knowledge beyond any tour guide.....he offered us information on the history, the culture, the geography, the religion, the botany....everything.....the best teacher/guide possible. But, beyond that, his personality is ideal for this....he understood group dynamics and the group really connected because he drew us together; building bridges between the German speakers and the English speakers, providing humor, music, etc. And the biking was perfect....the distances worked well, the scenery and places he chose to stop were ideal.
    You've done a really good job with the pace of the trip...the 2 days in Klaipedia, 3 in Riga, 2 on the island. Good hotel, simple logistics (for the guests anyway) And, the stops were at interesting places. Albinis was a really good driver and such a friendly, helpful person to have with us. Due to an old injury, I spent one afternoon on the bus. Albinis was informative and made me feel less badly about missing the biking....a really caring man and very careful with the bikes.
    Anne Badanes from USA, 2018 (G1 - guided tour of the Baltics from Vilnius to Tallinn)
  • Привет,  Саулис!
    Вернулись из путешествия в полном восторге!  в первый раз за все мои велопутешествия была такая чудесная и комфортная погода! Спасибо за организацию и , конечно за ....Ингу- самого прекрасного гида на свете!   Жаль, что  мы не познакомились лично... Но я думаю, все впереди! Власта, Москва, Россия, 2015 г. (G2 тур Вильнюс-Рига)
  • The cycling trip has been the highlight of the year my life :)  for me. It was 10/10 all the way. I wouldn't change a thing and have told my friends they should go.
    Thank you so much for an incredible experience. I knew little about your part of the world . . . and now I only want to know more. The Curonian Spit is beautiful. It's all beautiful.
    Plus, with the help of Redas and Igor I was able to make a detour and find the house my uncle built where my mom lived in the Kaliningrad Oblast until 1945.
    Kudos to each of you for making me feel welcome and for anticipating and meeting my interests and needs. Seriously, you guys are amazing!!
    Gabriele Goldstone from Winnipeg, Canada, 2019 (self-guided supported cycle tour from Klaipėda to Gdansk, SG18x)
  • My wife and I loved the Baltic self-guided tour of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The route selected meant each day had a good piece of riding on quiet roads or bike paths through interesting countryside plus stops in all of the major cities and towns.  Our small group got on very well together.
    Simon Flowers, Switzerland, 2015 (self-guided tour of the Baltics: Tallinn to Vilnius)
  • Yes we had a good trip. Saw some nice nature and pleasant villages. The hotels were also good. And the bikes. The driver drove us fast and safe from / to Riga. And we were lucky with the weather. Just a few drops of rain the last day. Mostly sunny. It rained a lot more in Sweden during that week. Best regards,
    Hans Brandtberg, Sweden, 2013 (tour SG1, along the Lithuanian Seaside)
  • It was a great day - enjoyed riding in the rain - preferable to the insect swarms on the ride back! Yes, flat just at start of return - a little unnerving since we had the ship to get to but fortunately did not get another one.
    Larry Kassis, USA, 2013 (tour on the Curonian Spit)
  • Our cycling-group has spent 10 days in Lithuania and explored your country on Baltic Bike Travel route “Vilnius-Curonian Spit-Klaipeda" – we all want to thank you again for your efforts and great assistance in planning and organizing our individual intentions to realize our this years cycling idea.
    Ludwig Enser, Germany, 2012 (tour SG2, Lithuania – from the capital to the Seaside)
  • Now we are back from a most interesting and well-organized "Baltic Capital City" guided bicycle tour. We have cycled in France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic and Ireland in all kinds of landscapes ... so we have some guided cycle tours to compare with. My husband and I are so very satisfied with the whole tour. It was just what we expected except for some extra positive factors...
    Anita Bostrom-Baversten, Sweden, 2011 (tour G1)
  • Wishing to see a part of the world we knew little about, we 6 friends took a chance on BalticBike and were not disappointed. We had great support on our custom trip from Vilnius to Tallinn, including the support we had for an unexpected trip to the emergency room in Lithuania.  The contrast of the capital cities and the rural national parks was visually impressive.  We would not hesitate to recommend BalticBikes, professionally managed from start to finish.
    Marion Leff and co. - USA, 2018 (self-guided supported cycle tour from Vilnius to Tallinn, SG11)

Велопрокат - Клайпеда и Прибалтика

"Baltic Bike Travel" предлагает для аренды более 400 качественных велосипедов и большое количество оснащения известных немецких компаний и других производителей - "VDV / velo-de-ville", "KTM", "Scott", "Specialized", "Silverback", "CANYON", "Ortlieb", "Abus" и др. Все они идеально подходят для велотуров по Балтийскому побережью Литвы и более протяженных маршрутов, и даже по бездорожьям, в Прибалтике (Литве, Латвии, Эстонии) и в соседних странах, таких как Польша, Беларусь и Россия.
Для вашего тура с началом в Клайпеде (Литва) или в любом другом месте, мы с радостью предоставим вам в аренду:

  • комфортабельные треккинговые / гибридные велосипеды оснащены с 24 или 8 скоростей, ручным или ножным тормозом, шинами с защитой от проколов "Schwalbe Marathon Plus", которые являются наиболее подходящими для разных дорог Прибалтики;
  • Электровелосипеды (E-bike/Pedelec) с электрической системой среднего привода нового поколения "Bosch" и литиевым аккумулятором емкостью 11 Ач, которого хватает в эко-режиме на расстояние до 110 км;
  • Шоссейные, циклокроссовые и гравийные велосипеды (карбоновые или алюминиевые) для боллее спортивных байкеров;
  • МТБ и фэтбайки для любителей бездорожья;
  • eMTB "Specialized Turbo Levo" (полная подвеска, 700 Втч батарея, размер рамы L и XL) для экстремальных прыгунов по бездорожью!
  • Новинка! E-Gravel "CANYON Grail:ON CF 8" (карбоновая рама - размер L, вес всего 17 кг! 500 Втч батарея) - электрические гравийные велосипеды для путешествий по дорогам с различным покрытием (асфальт, гравий и даже бездорожье) и лесным тропам!
  • Велосипеды тандемы для 2 человек с 24 скоростей и гидравлическими тормозами;
  • Датские двухколесные прицепы/трейлеры "WintherDolphin" для семейных путешествий с 1-2 детьми до 5 лет / 45 кг;
  • 1-колесные тагалонги для путешествий с детьми от 5-10 лет, рекомендуется для «трудяшек», но 
    еще не совсем уверенных в себе;
  • ...и много другого туристического снаряжения, такого как непромокаемые велосумки "Ortlieb", детские сиденья, шлемы, замки из закаленной стали, ремкомплекты, карты и путеводители!

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Получите велосипед в Литве и оставьте его в Латвии или Эстонии! BaltiCCycle - единственная сеть в Прибалтике, предлагающая такую ​​услугу проката велосипедов в одну сторону!

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